Vision, Mission & Goal

Our Vision

Gender equality and diversity respected society in Myanmar.

Our Mission

Phan Tee Eain works and seeks gender equality and diversity respected society through capacity building, advocacy, awareness raising and community mobilizing. Respecting and promoting women’s rights at all fields and engaging with duty bearers (including men champions) for policy change contribute in building gender equitable society and governance.

Phan Tee Eain will not leave the importance of developing awareness raising and advocacy tools, networking, media engagement, conducting evidence-based research and creating space for women to achieve its vision.

Goal/ Overall Objective

After (5) years, women are empowered politically, socially and economically.
They actively participate in leadership and decision-making positions in all fields and become the drivers of gender responsive governance system.

Setting organizational objectives

The discussion shows that there are the group brainstorms no organizational level objectives thus the followings are set as organizational objectives.
Six thematic objectives are coming out after the meeting.