• To develop women leaders and their meaningful participation in leadership and decision making role in public and political life.

  • To build self-confident and leadership skills of existing and potential women leaders from CSOs, Political Parties and Parliamentarian to claim their rights back in the areas of policy making, peace process and decision making at governance system.

  • To strengthen the understanding of public communities and duty bearers on gender equality, gender related laws and rights, pluralism and actions to be taken for gender equitable and peaceful society.

  • To build alliances and network with other CSOs, womenā€™s rights advocates, and key duty bearers for rights related issues.

  • To generate evidence based information and facts related to gender and rights related issues to bring stronger voices, transparency and accountability.

  • To strengthen organizational development and capacity building programme for the staff and steering committee to tackle the needs of the communities.

To build self-confident

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To build alliances

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To develop women leaders

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