Strengthening rural and marginalized women towards gender responsive regional and local governance

Project Goal

Improve and secure access to leadership position and decision-making power of women in regional and local governance

Project Objective

  • Increase confident and leadership of rural women from targeted communities to claim their rights to get involve in leadership and decision making in regional and local governance.

  • Increase positive attitude of community members from targeted areas towards gender equality and understand on the process of gender responsive governance.

  • Increase understanding of stakeholders and duty bearers (MPs, Gov; officials, administrative bodies…etc.) on gender and governance to improve gender responsive governance.

Areas- Shan State and Thanintharyi Region (From 2017 March to 2021)


  1. Baseline Assessment
  2. Women Political Leadership and Facilitation Training
  3. Follow Up Activity
  4. Bi-Monthly Meeting
  5. Community Mobilization Fund
  6. Advocacy meeting with stakeholder
  7. Regional/State Forum
  8. Year End Review Workshop
  9. Developed Training Manual
  10. IEC
  11. Exchange Visit
  12. Modular Course on Women Political Leadership for potential
  13. Trainings for Household Leaders
  14. Consultation Meeting
  15. Women Dialog
  16. Stakeholder Consultation Meeting
  17. Public Opinion poll
  18. Advocacy Meeting with Key Duty Bearers
  19. Networking Platform
  20. Gender Budgeting Training
  21. Vote for Women Campaign
  22. IWD event
  23. 16 days Activism
  24. Voter/Civic Education Training
  25. Monthly Meeting
  26. Good Governance Training
  27. Election Observation
  28. Advocacy for Policy