Empowering Communities Promoting Rights and Governance (ECRG)

Project Timeline – August’2017 to July’ 2020

Funding – European Commission (EU)

Consortium Organizations – Trocaire, PTE, COM, NAG, ICJ, MWO, JES

Targeted Area

  • Loi-lem Township, Shan State (Southern)
  • Hsipaw Township, Shan State(Northern)
  • Hseni Township, Shan State (Northern)
  • Demoso Township, Kayah State

Project Main Activities

  • Women’s Rights Awareness Training to CSO/CBO
  • Women’s Rights Awareness Training to Government Staff, MPs, Member of Political Party, Go NGO and EAOs.
  • Quarterly Cross Learning Event in
  • Gender Budgeting Training
  • Women in Political Leadership (TOT)
  • Gender Equality in Local Governance Training
  • Advocacy and Campaign Event